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Uptown Underground is composed of people who are determined to provide reliable information to their audience. These people are well aware of how gambling works and they would like to impart the knowledge that they have accumulated throughout their years of playing.


One of the things that this website promotes is your safety. We believe that whether you are gambling online or offline, you need to make sure that you are dealing with the right people. It is very easy to get fooled when you are not as meticulous as you are supposed to be.


In order to make the best out of your gambling experience you, as a player should be able to outgrow your mistakes or even learn from the mistakes of others. By sharing what we know and what we have gone through, we are confident that you would come out to be a better gambler than before.


In order to provide you with the safety and growth that we aspire to share with you, we will continue to give you guidance through the content that we provide. We will make sure that you get to choose which the best Michigan online gambling casino is.

If you want to know more information with regards to Michigan’s top casinos, we encourage you to visit our Forum. We have set up a page dedicated to providing feedback to the Casinos in Michigan.

In addition to that, we also would appreciate if you leave some comments with regards to our content so that we can also improve on our end. We are aiming to build this community with you and there’s no easy way for us to do that other than opening up to your criticisms.