April 21 & 28 @ 10pm / $20-$25/

The Fizz’ma Wizzma Flippity Floppity Bippity Boppity Pajama Party, LIVE!

“Boys and Girls from here to there,

Those in between and everywhere,

We have some very special news,
So comb your hair and shine your shoes!
Our next big show is like no other
Go call your aunt! Go tell your brother!
You cannot see it every day,
You cannot see it on the CTA.
You cannot see it with a deer,
You cannot see it at Navy Pier.
Not in a box, not with The Sox,
Not in the Loop, not going…. to the bathroom!
We’re taking back to your childhood,
Like any good kids TV show would!
Make some s’mores and bring pajamas,
Grab your hammock and your bananas,
The Vertical Side Show hopes you come around
To our show at Uptown Underground”

The Vertical Side Show is a non-stop, fully immersive mash-up of music, dance, burlesque, theater, drag, and circus arts. Every show is different and features a wide range of performance styles keeping the audience guessing what’s coming next and where to look. The Vertical Side Show showcases multiple award-winning performers linked together in a seamless neo-vintage narrative that has been described as “gonzo” and “sleekly sensual”



Other Vertical Sideshow 2017 Dates: July 28 & 29, November 3 & 4