Friday, April 28 @ 8pm / $14 – 17.50 /

This is a cabaret about drinking. But this isn’t that one kind of show where someone stands up on stage and says “I’ve always wanted to sing this song, but I never got the chance, so I’m going to sing it for you now.” And then they launch into Send In the Clowns.Well, no one wants that.

At After Party, the story is just as important as the song. Maybe even more important. (Don’t worry – the music is important too. Heads up: Flo Rida and Ke$ha are big inspirations here.) Even in our fourth year – livers still intact – we’re still making stories. In fact, creator Micky York has been drinking extra hard these days to bring you this special performance. With a full band and some killer special guests, this is the biggest After Party yet.